The Jedi Enclaves

The Jedi Enclaves

As of 3905 BBY, there are five known Jedi Enclaves, each founded by one of Visas Marr's disciples. The Enclaves are not generally affiliated with each other, though there have been instances where two or more orders will work together towards a common goal. There have yet to be any serious conflicts, but that doesn't mean there aren't significant points of contention, either.

Marr had no direct involvement with the founding of any of the Enclaves. Once her Padawans had graduated to Knights, she bade them to venture into the galaxy and seek out other Force Sensitives to train. She had faith that each of her students would find their own way.

The Jedi Order

The Mirialan Verno Ran might have been Marr's most devoted Padawan. He was an honorable warrior and scholar with a preference for tradition, and so he chose the most straightforward path, traveling straight to Coruscant.

Ran's goals were simple, but ambitious: rebuild the Jedi Order in the heart of the Republic, where it could serve as its protectors once more. He learned swiftly that the most direct path can be the most difficult.

Few planets were as deeply anti-Jedi as Coruscant, which had suffered heavily in the wars fought by the Jedi and Sith. Seeing little distinction between the two, the capital's private citizens and public servants alike were hostile to the idea of rebuilding the Jedi Order. Ran's petitions were denied repeatedly, and he eventually accept that he would need to try a different path.

The Jedi Order on Coruscant operates largely in secret. Ran recruits persecuted Force Sensitives and helps them understand the source of the public's fear and distrust, seeking to heal wounds on all sides of the issue. The group does what good it can without the official backing of the Republic, but Ran is careful not to run afoul of those he wishes to one day serve.

The Green Jedi

The Human Denara Jawar was perhaps the most diligent of Marr's students. She took her Master's teachings about the proper conduct of Jedi to heart, and sought to establish an Order worth of the Jedi of old. As it happened, she knew just the place to found this order.

Jawar had been born on Corellia, and had grown up hearing legends of the Green Jedi, sworn protectors of Corellia and her citizens. After completing her trials, she returned to her birthplace and set about resurrecting the fabled order from the ashes. It was easier said than done.

The Green Jedi were remembered more fondly than most, but Jawar found that they wouldn't just accept that her order would be the Green Jedi of old. She and her students would need to prove themselves before Corellia would accept them, so she dedicated herself fully to the task. It took more than 30 years, but the Corellian government finally recognized the new Green Jedi Order in 3911. Of all the Enclaves, the Green Jedi are the only ones who can operate openly, though they tend to focus their activities to the Corellian Sector. They tacitly support Verno Ran's efforts on Coruscant, though they keep their material support limited.

The Watch

Urik Zuvat was a paragon of Zabrak resolve, and was Marr's most self-assured pupil. His parents having been killed by Hutt hitment, Zuvat harbored a zealous devotion to his perception of justice. While most of his fellow Knights traveled coreward, Zuvat headed straight for Hutt Space.

Zuvat has made it his mission to bring 'justice' to the Hutt Cartel, and has recruited like-minded Force Sensitives to aid in this impossible task. He named his order 'The Watch' to represent this goal, and they operate on the periphery of Hutt Space.

Depending on who you ask, The Watch are either heroes or vigilantes. They primarily seek to disrupt the Hutt Cartel's business dealings, but, given the nature of the Hutt Cartel, that takes many forms. The Watch ambush Hutt-bound convoys and steal or destroy illicit goods, particularly weapons and spice. They liberate shipments of slaves. They assassinate particularly influential Cartel bosses whenever they can, though the Hutts are never easy to kill.

The Watch straddles the line between justice and vengeance, though Zuvat is careful not to cross it unless he feels it's absolutely necessary. For the most part, The Watch enforces Republic law, and tend to leave the Cartel's more legitimate business dealings alone. Unlike some of the other enclaves, however, The Watch isn't particular concerned with changing the galaxy's view of the Jedi. Zuvat feels that people will either see the righteousness of his cause and join him, or they won't and stay out of his way.

The Triellus Liberation Front

Sojo Kona was Marr's most passionate student, and was thus her most worrisome. Born a slave, Sojo had a difficult life prior to being discovered. Master Marr was able to help him make some semblance of peace with the hardship he faced, but Kona was never truly able to let go. When Marr sent him out into the galaxy, Kona had only one thought: end slavery along the Triellus Trade Route. The slave trade had long thrived along the route, particularly from Teth to Arkanis,


The Jedi Enclaves

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